Wall Drug Store

Location: Wall, SD – It’s probably not possible to miss this place.  The signs started several hundred miles away
Price: Admission – Free, Ice Water – Free
Smashed Penny Machine: Yes, several

This is probably closer to a tourist trap than a weird roadside attraction.  It’s really a collection of random shops, a restaurant and some random other items.   There was some parking on the street but it was fairly full so we parked in a lot about a block down the street.

Wall Drug itself is part of a larger street of stores and restaurants.  Wall Drug takes up about half of one whole side of the street (several blocks) by itself so be prepared to do some walking.  Inside Wall Drug was very crowded so I would not suggest trying to bring a stroller inside.  There are maps available, I would suggest picking one up.

We had fun looking through several shops (although we found better priced t-shirts at a different shop down the street) and looking at the various artwork on display.  The kids had a lot of fun taking pictures with the various statues.  Outside in the courtyard, there was a giant jackalope statue that kids can climb up on along with several other large statues.  There was also a splash pad if you are inclined to let the kids get wet.  The other side of the courtyard in the back building (I told you this place was big) there was an animatronics T-Rex that goes off every 15 minutes or so.  He is kinda loud so little ones may be frightened by him.

We did choose to eat in the restaurant.  I’ve seen several bad reviews of the food.  I wouldn’t say it was bad.  It was about what you would expect from a fast food style restaurant (better burgers than McDonald’s but not as good as a sit down restaurant).  There was plenty of seating which was great.  My daughter did get one of their “famous” donuts for desert.  The donut was very good.  They are made fresh on site every day.  So even if you opt to get dinner elsewhere stop in and share a sweet treat.

How long you spend here really depends on how much shopping you care to do.  We spent about an hour and half here (including eating dinner) and saw all the major “attractions.”  Wall is about an hour East of Rapid City and about 10 minutes outside of the West entrance for Badlands National Park so Wall Drug could easily be incorporated as a side stop.

Overall impression: It was fun seeing once

Miss A and the fresh donut
Miss A and Miss E with the T-Rex

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