Dinosaur Park

Location: 940 Skyline Dr
Rapid City, SD
Price: FREE
Smashed Penny Machine: Yes, in the main gift shop

On the bluff above Rapid City sits this quintessential roadside attraction.  You can see the large dinosaurs from just about anywhere in the city.  To get to the park you’ll drive through basically residential streets as you climb the bluff.  There is a parking lot and a small gift shop/snack bar.

Across the street from the gift shop is the trail to the dinosaurs.  There are a lot of steps to climb.  The path is not wheelchair or stroller accessible.  Once you get to the top there are five large dinosaur statues.  Kids are welcome to climb up on the statues.  Although early in the evening the weather was pleasant, the statues had been baking in the sun all day and were a little warm to the touch.  There isn’t much shade in the park so if you go in the middle of the day be prepared.

The kids had a lot of fun climbing all over the statues and getting their pictures taken while “riding” a stegosaurus.  There were two smaller dinosaurs back at the gift shop that you are able to climb on as well.  The gift shop had just about any dinosaur themed souvenir you could want.

The ice cream for dinner was catching up to us a little by now so we got a quick snack at their snack bar.  It was a fairly good deal of a hot dog and a soda for less than $2.

Overall impression: Other than the dinos there really isn’t anything to do at the park.  It was a lot of fun to get pictures and such.  I would say 30 to 45 minutes is all the time you are going to need to experience the park.  If you are in the area, it’s worth the stop.

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