Storybook Island

Location: 1301 Sheridan Lake Rd
Rapid City, SD  57702
Price: FREE
Smashed Penny Machine: Yes

If you have young kids and are in Rapid City then you really need to stop at Story Book Island.  This city park is full of statues and play structures featuring all of your childhood favorite characters.  The younger four kids in our group were enthralled by the park.

The park has a nice paved walking path that will take you past all of the play structures.  The kids had a blast walking the yellow brick road with Dorothy, steering Captain Hook’s ship, tumbling down the hill with Jack and Jill and riding on Aladdin’s magic carpet.  Some of the characters like Yogi Bear they had no clue who they were but it’s still fun to climb into a giant picnic basket.  The entire park was fenced which was nice when chasing multiple kids from one climbing structure to the next.  There was even an area that had slides and swings dedicated to kids under five.  We were there on a Tuesday afternoon so it wasn’t very crowded.

In addition to the statues, the park also had a carousel and a train ride for an additional cost.  Our kids did ride the train and it was around $2 a kid.  There was also a small snack bar and a gift shop.

Overall impression: If you have little kids it is a must do.  Older kids I’d probably skip it.  The 13-year-old was fairly bored long before the others were ready to leave.  We spent about an hour and half here.  We were able to play on all the different characters, but the kids could have played a lot longer if we had let them (it was starting to rain so we opted to leave).

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