Houston Trip – October 2017

One of my best friends lives over a thousand miles away from my in the outskirts of Houston, TX.  When I found out her baby shower was being held the same weekend my daughter had fall break from school I knew it was a sign that we needed to make a marathon trip down there.

Travel group: Myself (33), my husband (31), and our two daughters (6, 10 months)
Time of trip: Fall break in early October

Day 1 Travel from Evansville, IN to Arkadelphia, AR

Day 2 Arkadelphia to Brookshire, TX

Day 3 Morning: Galveston Beach
Afternoon: Baby Shower
Evening – spent replacing my husband’s glasses because he lost them in the Gulf, thank God for   eyeglass stores open on Saturdays and flexible friends

Day 4 Texas Renaissance Festival
Hotel in Texarkana, AR

Day 5 Hot Springs National Park
Dinner at Lampert’s Café

A couple of things to note:

  1. We had the ability to stay with friends so that helped us cut down on food and hotel expenses. We also had a fair amount of time spent just hanging out with friends.  There really is a lot of things to do in the greater Houston area, you could easily make a weeklong trip here.

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