Lambert’s Cafe

Location: 2305 E Malone; Sikeston, MO  63801
Price: $-$$
Smashed Penny Machine: Yes, in the gift shop

I’m not a big fan of restaurant reviews.  I really feel each people’s tastes are so different that reviews are pretty pointless.  Just because I loved the food means very little to just about anyone else in the world.  However I don’t consider Lambert’s to be a restaurant.  This place is an experience.

I’ve been to Lambert’s many times over the years.  It’s just far enough away from my hometown to make it a once in a long while treat but close enough you can just make a day trip out of it.  I know from experience that on weekends this place can get very crowded and waits can be long.   We arrived about 4:30 on a Monday evening.  We didn’t have a wait for a table but the restaurant was pretty full.

Throughout your meal, servers will be walking around with “pass arounds” which include things like fried okra, black-eyed peas and fried potatoes amongst others.  The real draw of Lambert’s is their fresh rolls which are also included with every meal.  The server will literally throw a roll at you from across the room so be prepared to catch.  The rolls are roughly the size of a soft ball so they are fairly easy to catch.  If catching your dinner isn’t really your style (you probably picked the wrong stop) you can ask and the server will just bring one to your table. My daughter loved catching rolls and asked for another one every time they brought out fresh rolls.

Overall impression: Overall I don’t think the food is overly impressive.  Its good food and you’ll get your money’s worth (large portion sizes, freebies, rolls) but it’s not going to be on the cover of “Fine Dining Monthly” or anything like that.  The real treat is the atmosphere.  We stop in anytime we can reasonably work it into a trip.

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