The Root Beer Stand

Location: 11566 Reading Rd
Sharonville, OH  45241
Price: Cheap Eats

Our next stop was for a late lunch.  I had read about a local favorite called The Root Beer Stand in the northern suburbs (Sharonville area).  By the time we drove there it was about 2:00 so I thought that would be a great time to go as it wouldn’t be busy.  I was wrong.  I don’t think this place is ever not busy.  This is a very small building.  Indoor seating includes maybe 20 bar stools.  I would suggest stopping here on a day that is warm and sunny.  There was ample outdoor seating behind the building including a covered shelter house.  They also had a playground.  We were there on a cool and raining March day so outside was not an option.  We did luck into finding 3 stools that another family was just vacating.  The food is very basic: hotdogs, burgers, BBQ sandwiches, chips, ice cream.  However they are known for their homemade root beer.

We ordered a BBQ pork sandwich, cheese burger, two hot dogs and a half-gallon of root beer to split.  The root beer came with frosted mugs (they had tiny shot glass sized mugs for kids but my daughter wanted a grown up mug).  Food came very quickly.  Staff was very friendly and even had the cook cut up the toddler’s hot dog for us.  Food was fine.  The sandwiches weren’t anything exciting but for the money it was a fair deal.  Root beer was good as well.

After sandwiches we ordered two ice creams to share.  At this point my older daughter also moved on to my lap because there was a couple trying to find seats together and not having much luck.  So at this point we are a family of four sitting on two stools.

Overall: It’s a fine place to eat with kids.  I think the locals probably love it more for nostalgia.  If it is a nice day I’d say go for the local vibe.  If it’s rainy or hot, I think this is a skip.

Miss A and myself enjoying our root beer

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