Trammel Fossil Park

Location: 12026 Tramway Park Drive
Blue Ash, OH  45241

Price: Free

After lunch the rain had slowed to a drizzle so we decided to continue with our original plan to go dig up fossils at Trammel Fossil Park.  It is a park in the sense that it is public land and it’s outside.  However, there are no amenities available in the off-season (from what I understand there are portable toilets during the summer).  The park consists of a hillside of loose rock and a small picnic area that has some information boards about what type of fossils you are looking at and how they came to be there.  There is no shade so if you are there when it’s hot out bring sunscreen and lots of water.  If you are crazy and go there after nearly two weeks of solid rain like we did bring an extra pair of shoes (we did not have that, learn from my mistake).

Mud does not bother 7-year-olds so my oldest plunged right up the hill.  I had packed a small sand pail and a garden trowel so we could dig for fossils.  You don’t need any tools.  There are millions of fossils just still on the hill-side.  What you are mostly hunting for are Bryozoans (little creatures that had skeletons that resembled twigs) or Brachiopods (kinda like a clam so they look like seashells).  We found lots of the twig like fossils.  We weren’t lucky enough to find an actual shell but we found lots of rocks where the animal had imprinted into the rocks.  Having the bucket was nice so my daughter could carry her findings as she scrambled around the hillside.  I limited her to bringing home the best 5-7 fossils that she found.

By the time she and I were done (probably 45 minutes or an hour), we were a muddy mess and I did my best to clean shoes and pants legs with baby wipes.  Now Dad and Baby Girl had a much rougher time at this stop.  The hillside where you find fossils is fairly steep and the rocks are all pretty loose.  This is not a great stop for young kids or toddlers.  Lucky because of the rain we were the only people at the park so baby was able to just run around the picnic area and the two of them took a walk through the parking lot.

The park is also just in the middle of a bunch of industrial sites and warehouses.  I thought it would be difficult to locate the park but GPS had no problem and once you are in the industrial area there was a giant sign.

Overall: My grade school age had a blast.  I do think this is a place you should only go if the weather is nice.  I would not recommend this stop for anyone with very young kids.

Miss A digging up fossils

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