O’Bannon Woods State Park

Location: 7234 Old Forest Rd SW
Corydon, IN  47712
Price: $7/car Indiana residence; $9/car out-of-state residence

On our way back from Cincinnati, we decided on an impromptu stop at a local state park.  O’Bannon Woods is about 30 minutes off the interstate near Corydon, IN.  It’s probably an hour from Louisville, KY.  The park offers camping (primitive and electric), hiking, horse trails, fishing and picnicking year round.  They also have a pool, nature center and pioneer farmstead seasonally.  The park is very close Wyandotte Caves but is managed separately from that park.

Because it was off-season we decided to just do a small hike.  The weather which had sucked this whole trip finally cleared up and it was almost spring-like outside.  We parked at the Nature Center and walked part of the Tulip Valley Trail.  We had only meant to hike the lower part of the trail which is an easy mile loop by the visitor’s center.  This part of the trail is gravel and flat but I’m not sure you could take a stroller through it.  The trail actually walks you through the farmstead so that was fun to look at even if all the buildings were closed for the winter.  We saw a few deer while walking through the farmstead.

About midway through the hike, our oldest daughter decided she needed to use the restroom.  The only bathrooms open off-season are in the campgrounds.  We decided to take the trail the rest of the way up to the campgrounds.  The trail is only about a half mile from the gravel part to the campgrounds.  However this is a fairly steep climb up the ridge to the campground on a narrow dirt path (or in our case mud).

Restroom/shower house was clean.  We allowed the girls to play on the well maintained playground in the camping area.  Then we hiked back down the ridge to the nature center and our car.  The roughly two-mile hike took us about an hour and a half including a bathroom break and playground time.

Overall: We only hiked a small part of this park.  We plan on coming back during season to check out the farmstead and hike a few of the more rugged trails when we are better prepared.

Miss A hiking


Miss L and myself hiking

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