Uranus Missouri

Uranus Missouri
Location: 14400 Highway Z; St Robert, MO  65584
Price: Free
Smashed Penny Machine: Yes, but it cost $1.01

This was our first stop on our Route 66 part of the trip.  Uranus Missouri is not old enough to have been part of the original Route 66 but it certainly catches the vibe of slightly off the wall road side stop.  The main part of the building is a small gift and fudge shop.  But the location also houses a bar and grill, an outdoor outfitter, an escape room, an archery range, a tattoo parlor and a food truck.

When you first pull into Uranus, you are going to notice the outdoor decor right away.  We spent several minutes getting pictures with all the various statues and photo props that line the property.  The parking lot is fairly large and most of the statues and stuff are over by the food truck and outdoor seating area at the bottom of the hill near the entrance to parking lot.  The buildings are at the top of the hill (with the archery range actually behind the main buildings).  We arrived about 5 minutes after the main gift shop opened so none of the other attractions were open (which is fine we were just there for a small rest stop anyway).

The main gift shop is not overly large but has a good selection of random t-shirts, coffee mugs and oddities along with lots of candy.  If off brand humor is not your cup of tea, then I’d avoid this stop.  Most the novelties played off the name of Uranus and the jokes were a little off-color.  The jokes weren’t so bad as you need a PG-13 rating to come in here but figure your 12-year-old is going to giggle uncontrollably at all the butt and fart jokes.

They also serve fresh made fudge.  We got several varieties for a snack, used the restrooms (which were very clean although a little bit of tight quarters) and got back on the road.  The total length of our stop was probably thirty minutes.

Overall:  It’s a fun place to stop and stretch your legs on a long road trip.  If you were doing a vacation in the general Ozark’s area, it might be neat to try out the food options but I felt like we covered what they had to offer very easily in 30 minutes.  I’m not sure I’d go out of my way to make a stop here but it was fun and quirky.

Having fun with the cutouts
Alex and Mr B with a dinosaur

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