Pop’s Soda Ranch

Pop’s Soda Ranch
Location: 660 W Highway 66; Arcadia, OK 73007
Price: Free
Smashed Penny Machine: No

This was a mix of a gas station, tourist stop and classic diner.  Pop’s is a little ways off the interstate you aren’t going to just see it and decide to pull over.  This stop was probably 20 minutes or so of driving off the interstate down Route 66.  If you like soda (or nostalgia) it’s completely worth the time.

The first thing you see as you pull into Pop’s is the giant soda bottle out front.  This giant statue/billboard is also lighted so I’m sure it’s an amazing site to see at night.  I’m not sure how tall the soda bottle is but its several stories tall.  Make sure you get a photo in front of it.    Pop’s itself is a fairly small building.  The building is split in two parts.  One side is a small classic diner. We did not eat here as it would have been a little late for lunch but too early for dinner.  The food smelled really good though.

The other half of the building is a convenience store that sells almost nothing but soda.  The back wall is composed entirely of coolers so you can get a cold soda of just about any flavor you could imagine.  They have your basic flavors: cherry, orange, grape, root beer from hundreds of different brewers.  They also have slightly more exotic tries: strawberry, chocolate, coffee, black licorice, etc.  There was also a small cooler with a bunch of flavors that just sounded gross such as buffalo sauce, ranch dressing, etc.  I was not brave enough to buy anything from that cooler.

Pop’s is set up so you can buy any bottle individually or you can buy a build your own six-pack.  Each family in our group did a six-pack.  They also sell old fashion candies.  So after getting drinks and a snack, we went back outside and found a shady spot to try a few sodas.  We had a good time sampling what everyone picked.  We used the restroom (they are located on the diner side down a long hallway by the kitchens) and got back on the road.  The whole stop was probably about thirty to forty-five minutes.

Overall:  We had a lot of fun picking out sodas.  We grabbed a few unique ones to take back as gifts for our dog sitter.  The facility is very clean and well maintained.  It was VERY crowded inside though and the entire place is full of glass bottles of soda.  I made sure to hold very tight to the little ones.  The area outside had a large grassy area where they were able to burn a little energy while we sipped sodas.  This was a really neat stop and something I’d highly recommend.

Weird soda selection

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