Totem Pole Park

Totem Pole Park
Location: Hwy 28A; Foyil, OK
Price: Free
Smashed Penny Machine: No

Totem Pole Park is the definition of roadside attraction.  The park is a little off the beaten path (10 minute drive or so off the interstate) in pretty much nowhere Oklahoma.  The park boasts the world’s largest totem pole.  While the world’s actual largest totem pole is in British Columbia (the area of the world you would expect to find a totem pole), the park was still something worth stopping to see.

The park contains one very large totem pole and several other small ones.  The largest totem pole you can actually walk into.  It has a small sign explaining what the park is and a little about the park’s founder.  The park is not very large so you can see it all in about 15 to 30 minutes.  When we arrived in the afternoon on a Friday, the park was basically empty.  There was our group and one other couple there.  The kids had a great time walking around the totem poles and looking at the carvings.  This was a great place to just let them run and burn off a little bit of energy.

In addition to the totem poles, the park had a few other fun features.  There are several picnic tables spread out around the park so you could bring a lunch with you.  There was a small gift shop on the property.  In addition to having a few books on local and Route 66 history they gift shop also had a large collection of fiddles.  I don’t know anything about fiddles but it was a neat display.  The park also had a restroom available behind the gift shop. There was also a small dog walking area on the other side of the parking lot.

Overall:  It is a fun place to stop and stretch your legs on a long road trip.  It is not a very long stop (unless you are planning to picnic).  We were there less than 30 minutes and we were easily able to enjoy all the park had to offer.  The park is privately run so be sure to drop a few dollars in their collection box on the way out.  This park is exactly what you would expect from a Route 66 stop.

Miss A and Miss L
Adam and Miss A in front of one of the smaller totem poles
Miss A in the large totem pole

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