A Little About Me

I’m a mom of two girls (currently 8 and 2).  I work full time as an accountant.  I love to travel.  I’m very much Type A.

All this works together to create someone who loves to travel, doesn’t have much time to do so and can’t handle doing nothing for long periods of time.  As a result, I really try to pack my vacations very full.  I lovingly call these vacations Marathon Vacations.  I understand that my style of traveling is not for everyone.  So I’ll post our overall trip and then individual reviews for each activity.  That lets you review just the stops you are actually interested in without having to read my whole vacation.  If you want to use my actual itinerary, go for it.  Tell me how it goes, I always love hearing from other crazy travelers.

I travel exclusively within the US.  The rest of the world is on my bucket list, but I think we have such a vast and diverse country. I want to do my best to see all it has to offer.    Plus with two kids, traveling via car within the US just makes much more sense financially for us.

When I’m not traveling (which is sadly most the year), I love to research my next trip.  One of my biggest frustrations is trying to figure out how to best experience a destination with young kids in tow.  I find blogs that are young 20 somethings that don’t have to worry about things like when will the baby nap or they are homeschooling families that live in a micro house they pull behind their van.  Nothing against either group, but a lot of their advise just doesn’t apply to my situation.  I realize that the best tip for visiting a busy location is go when the kids are in school, but my kid is in school I can’t travel during that time.  So I my goal is to try to give you advice as to how to deal with crowds and heat because I have to travel when I can which normally means summer break.

So thanks for coming along on our journeys with us.